A brown and white dog laying on the floor with text "Avoid Dog Boredom"

Life can’t be a dog park every day, but does our furry canine companion understand that? Many dogs stay at home while their human ventures off to work, school, or shopping. So instead of whining or complaining about nothing to do, the home-alone dog is ripping the pillows to pieces.

A bored dog will create his version of entertainment, and his idea of fun doesn’t always please his owner. Big messes are a clear indicator of a bored pet. The boredom ranges from digging holes in the backyard, tipping over trash cans, shredding the pillows on the sofa, and barking excessively. While dogs enjoy having a daily routine, they can still become restless and bored.

What can be done to reduce the bored doggy syndrome?

  • Add exercise to the daily routine such as fetch or walking around the neighborhood
  • Find interesting toys that appeal to the dog, for example, food-dispensing toys
  • Try a few short training sessions to brush up on commands
  • Take a dog training class
  • Consider doggy daycare

A little play or training, a cuddle, a quiet walk in the morning two or three times a day can help our dogs overcome their boredom and become happier members of the family.

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