Small white dog and large brown dog with text "Small Dog vs Large Dog"

So, you are getting a dog! There are a host of decisions that should be carefully considered before making a pet a part of the family.  The biggest thing to consider and should not be taken lightly – dog size matters. The size of the dog should be considered based on your activity level, living space, and physical or financial limitations.

What size dog should you get?

Dogs come in all sizes from Mastiffs to Toy Poodles. Size does not always dictate that a dog is more or less work, but there are things to consider before getting a dog. 

Big Dogs:

• Easier to housebreak
• Provide protection

• Good on long walks
• Greater endurance
• Needs ample space indoors and outdoors
• Dog food budget

Small Dogs:

• Less mess to clean up
• Easy to exercise

• Can sit on laps

• Good on long trips

• Longer lifespan

• Take up less space

Deciding between a large dog or a small one can be a difficult decision. Size is one of the many characteristics that should be considered before adopting a fur-ever friend. However, what makes dogs good company, great friends, and essential members of the family is behavior.  And that has very little do with size. It’s always a big love, no matter the size of the dog.  

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