A cartoon figurine of a cat using the toilet with text "Litter Box Strategies"

Believe it or not, deciding where to place the litter box is a very important facet of feline parenthood. Just like with real estate, location is crucial. The wrong location can cause your cat to develop inappropriate elimination – the most common reason cats are surrendered to shelters.

Here are a few tips on proper litter box placement to encourage usage of a litter box.

• Avoid dark corners

• Don’t place litter box near the kitty’s food

• Avoid high traffic areas

• Look for a location that provides multiple entry and exit points

• Make sure the litter box is convenient and close by

• Provide litter boxes on every floor of multi-level homes

Choose a location based on access, low foot traffic, and an unobstructed view of the room. Cats fear being ambushed. Do not place the litter box in areas that can make your cat feel trapped, such as closets or closed-end hallways.   

Litter box placement is an art. Choosing the right location for a litter box can make or break toileting time. There are many factors to consider so your cat is comfortable doing his or her business.  Take a hint from your cat … try to accommodate her preferred location for successful and consistent cat litter box usage.

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