Fosteringg pets tax deductible? Puppy and kitten sitting with calculator and tax documents.

Pet fostering provides temporary care to shelter animals who need live in a home prior to adoption. But did you know fostering pets for a qualified charitable organization is another means of generating charitable tax deductions? Expenses incurred while caring for foster pets – such as pet food, supplies, transportation and vet bills – are deductible.

The U.S. Tax Court ruled in 2011 that fostering pets could be considered a tax-deductible donation to the charity organization under certain circumstances:

• You are fostering a pet for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

• Separate records must be kept of fostering expenses

• Itemize deductions

There is a little work involved, but it’s not complicated. Keeping good records by recording receipts and canceled checks, make notes of any expense that is not obvious. Of course, it is best to speak with an accountant or tax professional to see exactly what foster expenses are tax deductible.

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