Dogs Are Creatures of Habit

While cats get a reputation for being mysterious, dogs also come with their own kinds of mysteries. Dogs are quirky creatures and some habits they can develop are a bit strange. Some of these habits can catch first-time dog owners off guard. Below are some of the strange habits some dogs can have.

  • Eating their own vomit.
  • Rolling in smelly stuff.
  • Zooming around all over the house after a bath.
  • Drinking from the toilet/bathtub.
  • Sloppy eating/drinking.
  • Chasing bugs.
  • Constantly observing their humans.
  • Eating grass.
  • Chasing their tails.
  • Sitting on their humans.

These are just a couple of quirky habits dogs can have. Another one is that they are creatures of habit and once they’ve got a set routine, they don’t like having it interrupted. For example, if they’re used to getting up at a set time on the weekdays, they may object to their owners sleeping in much later on weekends.

However, that depends on the dog. Every dog is different and will have different habits. These are just some generalized habits that they can have.

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