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Dog sitting at dinner table with a treat on a plate

Snack Safe for Dogs

Dog owners love to give their furry friends the occasional treat, but which snacks are safe for pets? There are a variety of foods that are not good for pets. A good rule is to avoid anything high in sugar. High sugar content can be very bad for pet weight management. Below, are some treats […]

Keep Pets Fit. Picture of a cat peeking through a small opening in the door.

Keep Pets Fit

Being overweight is becoming an increasingly important issue with pets. Physical activity will help them keep their muscles toned and their weight in check. Below are some ways you can engage your cat in play and exercise. Getting a scratching post might entice them to play. They also might like having cat jungle gyms to […]

Relinquishing Pets to Shelters. Picture of an orange kitten lying next to a tan and white puppy holding a red crocheted heart.

Relinquishing Pets to Shelters

Large numbers of privately owned dogs and cats are relinquished to animal shelters annually by their owners. 1 To reduce these numbers and allow more dogs and cats to stay in their homes, we need to identify and understand why owners choose to give up their pets.2 In particular, it is important to know whether […]

Inappropriate Elimination? Picture of a white cat in a litter box.

Inappropriate Elimination?

Soiling in the house in areas other than the litter box is one of the most common behavior problems reported by cat owners. The solution depends on the underlying causes of the behavior. The issue could be medical problems, which would need to be determined by a local veterinarian. Medical problems such as a urinary […]

Senior Pets and Healthcare. Picture of an older golden retriever loving on a young caucasian female.

Senior Pets and Healthcare

80% of Pet owners were unaware of important medical problems with their senior pets.  Here are some things for pet owners to know. In a study recently published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice, researchers set out to test the value of senior wellness exams.1 They recruited 45 senior dogs/pet owners who were not […]

Dogs and Carsickness. Picture of a small tri-color dog laying down in a crate.

Dogs and Carsickness

Motion sickness can be seen when traveling by land, sea, or air. It can result in nausea, excessive drooling, and vomiting. These signs usually go away when the motion of the vehicle stops. The principal cause of motion sickness is stimulation of the sensory organ in the inner ear. In some cases, it helps to […]

Knowing CPR Could Save Your Pet’s Life. Picture of a multi-colored cat and a tan colored dog looking at a sign about knowing pet CPR.

Knowing CPR Could Save Your Pet’s Life

No one wants to think about finding their dog unconscious or in need of urgent medical attention, but knowing basic CPR skills could save your pet’s life. The Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care published the following guidelines on how to perform CPR on your pet. Familiarizing yourself with these guidelines now can save […]

It Takes Time – The Rule of 3-3-3. Picture of a black and white cocker spaniel dog lying beside the food dish.

It Takes Time – The Rule of 3-3-3

Congratulations! You have finally found the puppy or dog you want to foster and/or adopt.  Bringing home a new dog is exciting, joyful, and many times, overwhelming.  Owners worry about choosing the right food, potty training, and whether they will fit in with the family’s lifestyle. It will take time for the dog to get […]

Dogs Are Creatures of Habit. Picture of a bassett hound dog holding his head up while his ears are flowing back as if from the wind.

Dogs Are Creatures of Habit

While cats get a reputation for being mysterious, dogs also come with their own kinds of mysteries. Dogs are quirky creatures and some habits they can develop are a bit strange. Some of these habits can catch first-time dog owners off guard. Below are some of the strange habits some dogs can have. These are […]

Information for First Time Cat Owners. Picture of a gray tabby cat being brushed while laying on its side.

Information for First Time Cat Owners

Owning any pet is a major responsibility. There are numerous things to take into consideration when making the decision to adopt. Even more so if it’s your first time owning a certain kind of animal. Below, are some things to know when owning a cat for the first time. These are just a few things […]