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Summer Tips for Canines. Picture of a small brown and white dog wearing a yellow hat and red sunglasses with colorful fans in front of him.

Summer Tips for Canines

Summer is almost here, and it is important to keep the safety of our beloved dogs in mind. There are a number of things we can do for their safety.  Following is a short list of some of the most important: These are only some things to consider when your dogs go outside. Always keep […]

What is a Grass Awn and Why Are They Trouble? Close-up picture of a grass awn.

What is a Grass Awn and Why Are They Trouble?

With a dog that wanders around outside often, grass might not be thought of as a danger. Grass awns go by many nicknames such as foxtails, June grass, and mean seeds. They all refer to the same bristle-like objects that come from grasses such as rye and barley. These bristles are meant to stick to […]

Stay Out of the Water. Picture of a Black and white border collie and a black cat sitting on a dock beside the water.

Stay Out of the Water

Something deadly to your pet may be lurking in the water this summer…and it isn’t that great for humans either. Blue-green algae is cyanobacteria that infests freshwater lakes, streams, and ponds in the summer months. Unlike other algae, it is toxic and can be fatal. It thrives where there is heat, low water flow, and […]

Places You Should Check Your Dog for Ticks. Picture of a black Great Dane standing in a field of tall grass.

Places You Should Check Your Dog for Ticks

Tick season is upon us. These little bloodsuckers climb on dogs and potentially transmit a variety of diseases. This makes it important to check for ticks whenever dogs have gone outside. Removing them before they can latch on is the best way to prevent tick-borne infection. While it is important to check for ticks everywhere […]

Incredible Flea Reproduction. Picture of a tan and black miniature pinscher biting on its back hip as if fighting fleas.

Incredible Flea Reproduction 

Flea reproduction cycle is staggering. During its peak reproduction stage, the most common flea on dogs and cats can lay 40-50 eggs per day. The most common flea on dogs and cats is the cat flea. Each female flea can reproduce for over 100 days. The Animal HealthCare Center reports that during their reproductive lifetime, […]

Emergency Planning. Picture of a tan color dog and a tabby cat looking at a sign.

Emergency Planning

Whether a natural disaster such as a flood, snowstorm, a power outage, or a health emergency, it always pays to be prepared. If you are a pet owner, make sure your emergency plans include your pet. The ASPCA suggests having an emergency preparedness plan and kit. Here is an overview. For more on making sure […]

Tick Season Troubles. Picture of a brown dachshund running through a grassy field.

Tick Season Troubles

Most of us love the warm weather during summer. Unfortunately, so do many pests. With the spring season well underway, so too is tick season. Ticks are nasty little parasites that carry many diseases. Fortunately, there are some easy steps to take to avoid tick-borne infections. If a tick does get a blood meal from […]

Allergy Symptoms in Pets. Picture of a tan dog and orange cat sitting in the grass.

Allergy Symptoms in Pets

Allergy sufferers everywhere know how stressful allergies can be. What people may not know is that animals have allergies, too. Just like humans, their immune system sometimes overacts to allergens. However, their bodies respond differently than ours. It’s important to be able to identify allergy symptoms in pets, so steps can be taken to help […]

Yellow kitty sneezing and using a tissue.

Gesundheit! Don’t Ignore Your Cat’s Cough

Has your kitty been coughing a lot lately?  It could indicate a more serious problem. The most common cause of persistent coughing in cats is chronic bronchopulmonary disease, which encompasses conditions including feline asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and chronic broncho-pneumonia.  But a cough can also be a symptom of many […]

Dogs in The Bedroom . Picture of a dog peeking out from under the covers on a bed.

Dogs in The Bedroom

Americans love their dogs. More than 40 million households have them. The majority of families would consider their furry friends as part of their family. We love to play with our dogs, and we love to interact with them as much as we can. However, one area where people are more divided on spending time […]