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Exploring the Benefits and Considerations of Spaying or Neutering Pets. Picture of a small black and white dogs and a cat lying next to each other on a chaise lounge.

Exploring the Benefits and Considerations of Spaying or Neutering Pets

Spaying or neutering pets is a widely discussed topic in the realm of animal welfare. While it has become a common practice, debates continue to surround its efficacy, ethical implications, and long-term effects on animals’ health and behavior. Benefits of Spaying or Neutering: Population Control: One of the primary reasons for spaying or neutering pets […]

Sniffing Out Pets’ Allergies. Picture of a tan medium size dog and an orange tabby cat in the grass beside a river.

Sniffing Out Pets’ Allergies

Allergy sufferers everywhere know how stressful allergies can be to deal with. What people may not know is that animals have their own allergies, too. Just like humans, their immune system sometimes overacts to allergens. However, their bodies respond differently than ours do. It’s important to be able to identify allergy symptoms in your pet […]

How Do Dogs Sniff Out Diabetes. Picture of an older caucasian male in a wheelchair with a black lab with its front paws and head on the man's lap.

How Do Dogs Sniff Out Diabetes

Dogs possess an amazing ability to sniff out changes in human physiology, even drawing attention to diseases such as cancer. Their ability to detect low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and alert humans is well established. People with type I diabetes can experience abnormal drops in blood sugar – potentially resulting in fatigue, unconsciousness, or seizures. That’s […]

Pain and Aggression in Cats and Dogs. Picture of a orange tabby kitten lying next to a small tan and white dog.

Pain and Aggression in Cats and Dogs

New or worsening aggressive behavior in older dogs or cats may result from undiagnosed pain.  It’s sad but true that many dog owners may unnecessarily turn their dogs over to animal control for euthanasia when the dog’s behavior could have been returned to normal with good veterinary care.  In a study published in the Journal […]

It Is Important to Clip a Dogs Nails. Picture of a small brown and white dog and a veterinarian.

It Is Important to Clip a Dogs Nails

Nail clipping can be a stressful task for dog owners and their pets. However, skipping this grooming habit can have negative outcomes for pets, such as: In the wild, running along hard surfaces helps wear down nails, meaning nail trimming is not needed as much. Domesticated dogs, especially indoor dogs, do not get this friction. […]

How to Help Car Sickness in Dogs. Picture of a tiny Chihuahua driving in a pink toy car

How to Help Car Sickness in Dogs

Like humans, dogs can get carsick. Besides vomiting, signs of trouble may include inactivity, yawning, excessive drooling, whining, and smacking lips. This makes travel stressful for both the pet and the owner. There are ways to treat it, though. The first way is conditioning. Get the dog used to the car and movement. First, just […]

Keep Cough Drops Out of Your Pet’s Reach. Picture of a mid size brown and white dog lying with a compress on top of its head.

Keep Cough Drops Out of Your Pet’s Reach

Cold and flu season is ending, and you have stocked up on cough drops and medicines to keep yourself healthy. While these remedies can help fight illness, remember to store these products away from pets. Cough drops can be especially dangerous for your pups. The normal ingredients in cough drops, including sugar, menthol, eucalyptus oil, […]

Cancer and Dogs: What You Need to Know. Picture of an older golden retriever laying on a sofa.

Cancer and Dogs: What You Need to Know

Cancer is a leading cause of death in dogs aged 10 and older.1 About half of these cancers are curable if caught early. Lymphoma and bone cancer are two of the most common in dogs. Some breeds also seem to be prone to certain cancers. Below are some common symptoms of cancer in dogs to […]

Pet Dental Health is Important! Picture of a close up of what appears to be a pomeranian, getting its teeth brushed.

Pet Dental Health is Important!

Periodontal disease is a frequent problem seen in veterinary practices. Primary-care veterinary practices, where diagnosis of periodontal disease is predominantly based on visual oral assessment of conscious dogs, report an average prevalence of 9.3 to 18.2% within the dog population.1 Oral health should not be neglected. Good oral hygiene can prevent certain health issues that […]

The Dangers of Bloat. Picture of a black great dane standing in a field.

The Dangers of Bloat

Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), also known as bloat, is a life-threatening condition in dogs. GDV happens when the stomach expands well past its normal size because of trapped gas or fluid. Afterwards, the stomach begins to twist around itself. This can cause major damage to the stomach and surrounding organs. GDV is a life-threatening event that, […]