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Your Dog Will Know. Picture of a close-up of the face of a white husky.

Your Dog Will Know

You may have heard that dogs are good judges of character. But did you know they can tell when people are liars? Akiko Takoaka, Ph.D,  of Kyoto University, conducted a study of 24 dogs. A researcher pointed to a container with food concealed underneath. All the dogs went to the container. The researcher then pointed […]

Signs that Your Dog Is Happy. Picture of a small brown dog appearing to be smiling and wagging its tail.

Signs that Your Dog Is Happy

Dog owners love their furry friends. It’s also important to pet owners that their pets love them, too. However, since pets can’t speak, how can one tell if his or her dog is truly happy? Below are some simple ways to read a dog’s body language and behavior to gauge their happiness. There are other […]

Diagnosing and Treating Ear Hematomas. Picture of a bassett hound with its ears blowing in the wind.

Diagnosing and Treating Ear Hematomas

Ear hematomas are fluid-filled pockets on the inside of the earflap. They are most commonly seen in floppy-eared dogs but can occur in other dog breeds and even cats. Hematomas develop when the tiny blood vessels in the ear rupture, bleed under the skin, and form the fluid-filled pocket. Most ear hematomas develop from dogs […]

Pets and the Flu. Picture of a basset hound lying down with a blanket over it and a cloth compress on its head.

Pets and the Flu

Veterinarians have all been taught that it is not possible for pets to catch the flu from humans, but it turns out this may not be the case anymore.  While not common, recent studies show that it is possible for a pet to contact the influenza A virus, better known as the flu, from humans.1 […]

FDA Recommendations for Storing Pet Food. Picture of a black and white cocker spaniel lying beside a dish of dog food.

FDA Recommendations for Storing Pet Food

For your pet’s health, it’s important that you safely store food and treats. Proper storage helps prevent your pet from having health problems related to overeating or eating pet food that isn’t fresh or is meant for another pet. Proper storage of pet food and treats maintains the products’ nutritional value and keeps information handy […]

Indoor Games for Pets. Picture of a Sharpei dog standing in front of an abacus.

Indoor Games for Pets

Keeping our pets in shape is a part of keeping them healthy. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. Bad weather and other events can keep us indoors for long periods of time. That doesn’t mean let the animal be a couch potato for the day. There are still fun ways to engage in play while […]

Winter Care Tips for Pets. Picture of a small brown and white dog with a stocking cap on its head, wearing a red sweater and has a thermometer in its mouth.

Winter Care Tips for Pets

Winter is almost here. Many places are already experiencing freezing temperatures. This change in weather brings potential health hazards to pets. Below are some tips for keeping your pets healthy and happy. There are many winter hazards to watch out for. Vigilance goes a long way towards protecting our furry friends.

Pet Holiday Tip: Tinsel, Ribbon, and Decorations. Picture of Christmas balls and ribbon hanging in a line for decoration.

Pet Holiday Tip: Tinsel, Ribbon, and Decorations

Yes, it’s that holiday time of year again.  While you’re busy decorating, baking, wrapping gifts, and preparing your household for guests, remember to watch out for holiday temptations for your pets.  Don’t let a pet disaster turn both your and your pets’ Holiday “Ho-Ho-Ho!” into a Holiday “Oh No!” In the weeks leading up to […]

Pet Holiday Tip: Plants. Picture of a Christmas tree, a fireplace with stockings hung, and various plants sitting around.

Pet Holiday Tip: Plants

Many people have festive plants around the house for the holidays. Remember to keep your furry family members in mind when you display or dispose of your holiday plants. Three popular holiday plants that could pose danger to your pet are poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly. Poinsettias – Colorful, large red and white poinsettias fill your […]

Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips. Picture of a white labrador retriever in the snow with a scarf around his neck.

Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

The dangers of warm weather and pets are well documented. Less so, however, is cold weather. Just because they have fur does not mean they are impervious to the cold. The weather can harm their health. It can lead to discomforts such as chapped paws or to more serious issues such as hypothermia. Tips for […]